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Asia's Award Winning Branding, Marketing & Website
Design Agency Now In The GCC.



Done Right!

An Instantly Recognizable Brand Due To Strong Visual Aspects, Design Elements, And Crafted Precisely For Everlasting Impression On Your Customers.

User Interface & Experience


Seamless User Interface Designed Towards Visual Interaction As Simple And Efficient As Possible For Efficient User Centric Mobile Application And Website.

Designing & Developing


A Responsive & Well Designed Website For Your Brand Increases Your Brand's Awareness And Revenue!

Starting Up With Your


Branding Is The First And Most Crucial Step Towards Building Your Brand. Our Branding Consists of Design Ideology, Logo Designing, Color Psychology, Typography, Market Placement & Tagline

Targetting Audience Through


Businesses Are Moving towards Digital Marketing For A More Effective And Efficient Marketing For Better ROI And Reach

Making Your Product


Up your game in an already noisy market where your product's sales are entirely depended on how it stands out in the 'Retail Space'

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We love to Design Brand Market Develop

Who We Are?

We are a small passionate team of designers, Brand Building artists, digital marketors, Website designers and developers, dedicated to help businesses create their brand to help generate revenue and gain brand recognition! through design ideology and new technologies.

We love your brand,
as much as you do!

A brand is a known identity of a company in terms of what products and services they offer but also the essence of what the company stands for in terms of service and other emotional, non tangible consumer concerns. We at Surreal Co. nurture brands with a perfect balance of love, passion, expertise and professionalism to one day witness your brand achieve great success!

Website Design & Development,
User Interface and user experience design

Web Design is the most crucial component of a website development as it's proper implementation is the deciding factor of how much traffic it can generate based on how attractive it looks, how easy to use it is, and how the most important terms are highlighted and arranged for ease of access which also helps achieve visibility on Search Engines.

While Web designing has become a necessity in terms of generating traffic, every company requires a well-developed UI/UX to provide the user with a visually appealing and a more engaging platform to work with.

Our Plans are simple & Budget Friendly!

What we value most and believe in is maintaining good client relations by providing impeccable service. We cater to our clients according to their needs and requirements by making sure that they feel comfortable working with us.

Branding & Logo Designing

Branding is creating an identity of a firm which represents what the firm stands for in terms of ideology and its services.

The same is true for logos since they are the main face of the company which should be representative of the company's service to create an image in the mind of the perceiver and leave a lasting impression.

Digital Media Marketing

Brands that have a digital presence tend to make more business as there is a huge potential for the relatively new untapped market that is the internet where the user base keeps on expanding.

Entrance into this market helps spread the word more quickly and efficiently, it is a huge opportunity to target more than 3.2 billion users worldwide!

Package Design & Printing

Package designing is more important than it seems as it advertises your brand at a huge scale by travelling farther distances into various locations through customers.

A proper packaging design helps attract more customers and helps spread the good name of the brand through varies social cues such as word of mouth, subconcious observation etc...

Website Design & Development

Having a corporate website to redirect all of your clients & customers is essential to create trust and loyalty and helps retain as much customers as possible for the longest amount of time.

According to recent survey studies a customer is more likely to visit your website to achieve greater insight on how your company works, this helps create brand trust.


Our Happy Clientele!

Here's what our satisfied clientele has to say!

Surreal Co. developed a well-structured and presentable website, enabling our business to expand in the global domain. They were able to create a stunning and presentable website in a limited time. The services provided were well worth the price.

Farha Fatima Syeda, Founder of

Being a startup and in the pre-production stage of bringing your product to life, I was in a budget to get things designed. The team understood my hustle and gave me a quotation that fits into my budget and I was able to get the first batch of my products designed.

Steward Sarrepalli, Co-Founder of Octurist Headphones

What a marvelous job these young people have done! From branding my entire Cafe to running the first month social media marketing to kick start our journey, I must say I was quite impressed by the level of dedication and energy they give towards branding and marketing.

Syed Kaleem Uddin, CEO of Cafe De Belgica

Branding Projects
Marketing Campaigns
Website Designed
App UI/UX Design
Apps developed

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