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We are experts in the digital space. Working with us is effortless, all you have to do is provide us with a little research, data insights and knowledge of your business, and we will blend our knowledge and experience to give your company a major boost. This gives us the understanding needed to engage your audience through the use of powerful story-telling.

We strategically adapt so your business thrives.
We will make the core of your marketing program strong, which will help in leveraging your foundation, and focusing efforts on driving leads and sales. From pen portraits to curated content, we strategize.

We tell the story in an exciting way leaving the audience wanting more.
We weave an enticing tale that speaks volumes, sparks passion and builds relationships. 

We are insightful and goal-orientated, ensuring success with instant results.
We get to know your audience like they are our best friends. We then coax contacts into leads and leads into sales.

Let’s add rocket-fuel to your digital marketing.

Social Media Management

that engages, entices and empowers…

Build trust, grow a community, inspire, educate and entertain with Social Media Management. We are a Social Media Management agency in Dubai that harnesses the power of social platforms. From elevating customer service to enticing new leads through interaction, we use the right platforms consistently and carefully. We understand your challenges and your opportunities so that we can leverage social media effectively, within the context of trends and your own goals.

We make the audience engage and interact.
We use social media to form connections, relationships and engagement of the audience with your brand. From sparking interest to informatively educating, we take the right approach.

We put you in control of your brand.
With us, social media won’t feel like a burden or a challenge for you to keep up with, but instead a fun and an interactive ground under your control.

We drive the connections which serve your business.
We integrate our knowledge and expertise with a bespoke content approach for your business.

Make a bigger social impact with Surreal Co. International by your side!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

that engages, entices and empowers…

As the leading SEO agency in Dubai, we boost your search rankings and optimise your online presence by working the metrics and drilling down into the data which also increases visibility. SEO is a business-driving weapon which when used correctly brings a major boost to your brand.

We do technical. We do optimization. We do growth.
Starting with an insightful SEO Audit, through to implementation and management, we optimize your website to boost your search presence strategically, insightfully and technically.

We create the signposts to get you seen.
With us working on your SEO, you’ll be seen by the right people, at the right time, in the right way. We observe. We target. We shoot.

We audit, implement, manage and refine.
SEO is all about being relevant, authoritative and trustworthy so that you actively deserve to be in the top rankings and maximise conversions. A well planned SEO will get you a loyal audience and a good reputation.

Get the SEO services in Saudi Arabia & U.A.E you need.

Google Ads (PPC)

that really cut the mustard…

You need a PPC agency in Dubai that understands the integration of PPC and SEO. This is technical wizardry spurred on by expertise and knowledge. We’re continuously refining and strategizing based on the trends, on your data, our knowledge and research. Understanding this as well as your goals and budget, we ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

We care about your performance.
With PPC, data matters, we make PPC work to elevate your visibility and drive traffic and growth.

We observe, listen and act so that you are in control.
We work to understand your business goals in conjunction with your customers. PPC campaigns managed by us put you ahead of the game.

We bring you the right traffic, not just any traffic.
Our thoughtful data-driven PPC campaigns make sure that you get pre-qualified leads not wasted traffic, thereby maximising your ROI. 

We do PPC differently. Let’s make the difference together.

Content Marketing

to compel, engage and position…

Content is king, but there are a lot of contenders for the throne. It’s time to get competitive and make your content work wonders, creatively and strategically. Content is your way to showcase your authority and expertise.The key to a successful business is having clear, relevant and keyword-rich content that delivers the right message with power and conviction. It pushes your customer along the sales funnel and nurtures their relationship with you. It leads to sales. Ultimately, it’s your business that becomes the place to go.

We use content purposefully, with intent.
We craft visual, well researched, planned out and creative content which is strategically created for it to be most effective.

We make your content the voice that gets heard.
Engaging an audience takes conscious effort. That’s what we do – we make quality content that makes your audience turn to you time and again. 

We weave the magic of your brand into unique content that sells.
Our approach to content marketing is to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s you that becomes the authority and it is us who helps you reach there.

Let’s get your voice out there. Let’s get you heard.

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