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Closing The Gap Between 'CREATIVITY' & 'PRACTICALITY'.

We at Surreal Co. provide Marketing, Branding, & Designing solutions and services to your firm by helping put your brand into the consumers radar and ultimately gain success through brand recognition and retaining loyal customers.

Choose how you want us to care for your Brand!

Our various services include but not limited to are Branding, Logo designing, Digital marketing, Website development, Web design, Content writing, Social Media management, Packaging Design, Printing & More!

Branding & Logo Designing

Branding is creating an identity of a firm which represents what the firm stands for in terms of ideology and its services. 

The same is true for logos since they are the main face of the company which should be representative of the company's service to create an image in the mind of the perceiver and leave a lasting impression.

Digital Media Marketing

Brands that have a digital presence tend to make more business as there is a huge potential for the relatively new untapped market that is the internet where the user base keeps on expanding.

Entrance into this market helps spread the word more quickly and efficiently, it is a huge opportunity to target more than 3.2 billion users worldwide!

Web Design & Development

Having a corporate website to redirect all of your clients & customers is essential to create trust and loyalty and helps retain as much customers as possible for the longest amount of time.

According to recent survey studies a customer is more likely to visit your website to achieve greater insight on how your company works, this helps create brand trust.

Packaging Design & Printing

Package designing is more important than it seems as it advertises your brand at a huge scale by travelling farther distances into various locations through customers.

A proper packaging design helps attract more customers and helps spread the good name of the brand through varies social cues such as word of mouth, subconcious observation etc...


The first step towards creating a remotely successful strategy for a brand is Market Research.
Insights bust a lot of myths one may have about a brand.

Our team of professionals work hard on understanding your product or service, competitors, point-of-differentiation, target market, audience, and then create a potential customer persona.


Research is the first step towards creating even a remotely successful strategy for a brand. Insights bust a lot of myths one may have about a brand.

Our team of professionals work hard on understanding your product or service, competitors, point-of-differentiation, target market, audience, and then create a potential customer persona.

Branding & Advertising

A good brand image is a result of consistent advertising across all channels of communication: the perfect positioning, the right tonality, and a seamless blend of design & color science with persuasive copywriting.

With our vast experience in closing the gap between 'Creativity' & 'Practicality' we work towards creating a unique brand image.


The new-age Social Media Channels have further personified the old saying – a brand is not what it claims; it is what its customers speak behind. The right mix of a good product or service with great advertising and a pinch of influencer marketing can give a brand unmatched result.

We work in collaboration with various Influencers in and around to put the word out.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Uploading a basic post on Social Media channels is not Social Media Marketing (SMM). There's so much more to Social Media Marketing. When done effectively, it can help us scale our business to greater heights. But it's not free. One needs to invest time, money, and resources to get the best out of Social Media. Social Media is ever-evolving.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can be the stark difference between a regular website and a website that helps a brand generate organic traffic, and leads; thereby optimising its digital asset called Website. In today's highly competitive world, a website that's not been optimised is nothing more than vanity.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The ads that we run on various search engines like Google are called Search Engine Marketing Ads. As Google Partners, we work closely with dedicated teams at Google that help us generate the best results for our clients. One of the most effective ways for most brands to reach their target audience, and generate quality leads.

Reputation Management

We not only integrate the best of branding and digital marketing; we are a solution-oriented company. And we have helped quite a few brands substantially improve their online & offline reputation. And we don't just stop there. The idea is to continually monitor a brand's reputation across the digital ocean, and make sure it's intact.

Website Design & Development

The importance of having a fantastic website is grossly undermined. It has been time and again factually proven that a good website helps a brand unlock a lot more value than one might imagine. A website is not a product you buy for an X price; it's undoubtedly the most important touch-point you create for your brand.

Web Analytics

Analytics is factual data that helps us understand whether we are on the right path or not. So, there's no escape. But how well do we understand this data? Unfortunately, most brands don't even have a tool synced to their Website to help them with data. We believe that data that we derive from tools like Google Analytics is so powerful in determining whether we are heading the right way in building your website.

Packaging Design

Packaging today, is as important as the product, if not more. Customers have started reviewing the packaging of a product as well. If you log on YouTube and watch any review video or first-look video, you'll notice the stress on the packaging of the product as well. Packaging is not just about design. It's where design meets Science.

Internal Branding

All the fantastic posters we see in stores add a sense of character to space. Isn't it? We take up Instore-branding projects to help brands maintain their language, positioning, and tone where it matters the most – on the ground. From conceptualization to the design of these unique posters.

Media Budgeting & Buying

As most of our clients have been working with us for over a long time now, we create annual budget plans for them. These plans include all the various marketing & related spends over the next 12 months. These plans include but are not limited to Online Ads Spends, Agency Fee Spends, OOH (Billboards) spends, Print Ads spends, etc.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking in simpler terms is the perfect amalgamation of all or most of the services listed above. The prime theme behind growth hacking is to understand a brand and the business, to understand why a business grows and then use this information to build effective solutions that act as a strong catalyst towards growth.

Video Production

We also specialize in producing top-notch Corporate Films, Brand Videos, TV Commercials, Explainer videos, etc. Videos are gaining enormous traction and popularity. When a brand communicates using videos as a medium, the engagement is relatively higher compared to other modes of communication.

Branding & Digital Marketing

For companies and businesses that have their internal teams, the challenges are at a different scale altogether. Accountability, productivity, and defining the right strategy are some of the critical issues that you may face. The internal teams are working on various aspects of your brand.

Our Packages:

The following packages are an Overview of what we charge however we’re always ready to have a custom made package for all our Clients. Please note: For UI/UX, Packaging Design, Printing & App Development please contact us for quotation!

Social Media Marketing


SAR 2,000 / month
  • 15 Designed Posts
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • 5 Printable Marketing Material Design
  • Social Media 24/7 Support Team


SAR 2,500 / month
  • 25 Designed Posts
  • Content Writing, Marketing & Hashtags
  • Social Media Optimization
  • 10 Printable Marketing Material Design
  • Social Media 24/7 Support Team


SAR 3,500 / month
  • 35 Designed Posts
  • Content Writing, Marketing & Hashtags
  • Social Media Optimization
  • 15 Printable Marketing Material Design
  • Social Media 24/7 Support Team

Website Design & Development


SAR 2,000
  • 5 Pages Design
  • Content Writing & Marketing
  • 5 Design Revision Valid through 5 Months
  • Optimization for Desktop, Mobile & Tablets
  • Backend Tutorial

Advanced SEO

SAR 2,500*
  • 10 Pages Design
  • Content Writing & marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 10 Design Revision Valid through 5 Months
  • Optimization for Desktop, Mobile & Tablets


SAR 3,500*
  • Unlimited Pages Design
  • Content Writing & Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 5 Months Product entry Support
  • Optimization for Desktop,Mobile & Tablets

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Our Core Values & Ideology:

We believe in selling a story rather than a product!

A good story gives us all hope to achieve our dreams and inspires us to ultimately reach for the stars, as generations go on a good story helps us face whatever life throws after us and pushes us towards our victory. A good story gives meaning to our actions and provides incentive to do noble deeds, such deeds help create a legacy which gets marked in stone for the generations to come so that they can witness how noble achievements help create a better world and have an everlasting impression of their story to help them further in life in turn creating a better future for the mankind.

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Branding is language in itself! Branding is a language your eyes speak through sending signals to your brain! It’s no rocket science, It’s just like asking you what color comes to your mind when we say Mc Donalds? Yup ‘Yellow’. Branding is a sure shot way of making your targeted audience remember you not just as a logo but as a mental trigger of projecting your brand’s image and services when people think about you. We live in a world where presenting yourself in the most cleanest way possible is the best way to convert a possible customer to a sale.

We love to emphasize on the fact that digital media is the home for 3.2 Billion potential clients/customers and a precise targeting algorithm to target the right set of audience for the products or services your company provides. Well just like our Packages indicate, you get professional designed post, photograph, videos, advertisements, marketing articles, snippets and extra’s to keep your brand on the top of all Social media search engines, and explore feeds! 

Yes! Not to brag but we’re pretty amazing with designing and developing responsive website optimized to such great extend that we make it seamless transition between desktop, mobile & tablet devices. Yes if we design and develop your e-commerce website, we’re pretty much well educated about your business ideology, and the products your company is providing.

Once you decide to collaborate with us on your next project, we don’t just leave you mid way! We get you to the final stop, from starting your project to running beta programs for your applications, we’ve got it all planned. Depending on the project and the adversity of it. UI/UX and development of your project might take up to 3-4 Months.

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