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The Story of Surreal Co.

Founded by Rafay, Saadat & Muzzammil in 2018.

Surreal Co. is a dedicated team of Graphic designers, Marketing consultants & Brand building artists. We're based in Hyderabad, India.

Meet the founders


The Idea that grew over a long dinner and a discussion about cliché strategies used by Orthodox "Creative Agencies"!

Syed Abdul Rafay, Muzzammil Syed & Saadat Ali the three musketeers who started their career in social media marketing & graphic designing at the young age of 16, and landed their first job at the age of 18, with over 6 years of experience and a shared sense of optimism when it comes to designing & marketing strategies. With having expertise in every services Surreal Co. provides.

Samiuddin Aslam
Regional Sales Manager (Saudi Arabia)

Samiuddin Aslam has been in the Information & Technology field for more than 20 Years founder of the parent company Arab Solutions of Information and Technology, having branches across the Middle East. Samiuddin Aslam believes in the ideology of taking businesses digital to increase their sales and revenue through new technology.

Zainab Khan
Regional Sales Manager (Middle East)

Having 6 years of experience in the field of advertising and marketing, working alongside companies like Hyundai & FedEx with a good sense of creative marketing ideology and content marketing.

Syed Abdul Rafay
Founder & Creative Director (Hyderabad, India)

The cerebrum of the company! Syed Abdul Rafay is an expert in brand building who through sheer will and hard work has managed to build the company of his dreams against all odds! Being a jack of all trades, Rafay has set the bar for us all as an example of what having a dream can help us accomplish in life. He loves to be a complete control freak and feels compelled to honor deadlines as he believes in providing the best service possible to his clients.

Saadat Ali
Co-Founder, Finance & Logistics Director (Hyderabad, India)

The man behind the discipline of the company! Saadat Ali had a huge working hand in shaping up the ethics of Surreal co. Having skills in multiple disciplines of both the scientific and artistic parts of the world, he has managed to sculpt the company like a fine marble statue. Having great visions of creating something from scratch that ultimately ends up helping out someone, he has involved himself in the company's inner workings such as its Design, Finances, Presentation, and Work ethic to help see its potential realized. Saadat Ali like the great Thanos from MCU believes in the concept of maintaining a balance in life as practicing this discipline helps us live a life of substance and contempt which eventually leads to enlightenment.

Muzzammil Syed
Co-Founder & Design Director (Hyderabad, India)

The positive attitude behind the company! Muzammil Syed is a creative genius who has helped the company grow with his infectious positive vibe and artistic contributions. He is the most experienced member of the team whose expertise in graphic design knows no bounds, having a keen eye for design simplicity and efficient artistic expression he has provided meaning and zest towards the company. Muzammil believes in the simple offerings of life where simplicity keeps life away from its complexities and woes.

Our Team:

The one's who were kind enough to lend a hand to our optimistic goals!

Surreal Co. is nothing without the dedication of our Team members, Most of us are young, energetic & Always looking for better & innovative ways of designing, branding & Marketing our client's company, who are looking to cater to the young & OG's of Earth.

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